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21 & My Superstars Bundle


Get both, save money and be happy.

Details on both:


Limited to 50 copies.

An 80 page photography book, including street photography, abstract and others.

A collection of over 100 photographs taken on SLR, DSLR and iPhone 4/5 and other mediums. The photographs have been taken from the past 5 years, covering a range of styles in photography. Drawing influence from photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Saul Leiter & Robert Frank.

Perfect bound book with matt cover finish.
215mm x 215mm, 340gsm cover with 160gsm text pages.


Limited to 25 copies.

An A5 size design/photography book documenting the adidas superstar shoe.

A collection of over 50 photographs taken over a period of 2 months in London. The book looks at the history of the superstar and also focuses on those who wear it, pioneered it's fame and a glimpse of where it will be going in the future.